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Birthday Parties

For less than the cost of a bounce house, we deliver a unique experience for a stress-free party. There’s no need to set up, clean up, or buy party favors. We have you covered! 


Need a simple fundraiser to earn money for your school or organization? We deliver everything you need including the expert assistance of Steve and Terry. Ask about our outstanding margins! 

Special Events

What can we do for you? Need a ladies “wine and design” night? Looking to attract more families at your next festival? The sky is the limit! We will bring the fun to you so you can sit back and relax.

What people are saying...

Terry and Steve take the time to work with each child so the child is happy with their sand creation. Every child leaves happy with their special project!

Elizabeth Kavanaugh

Principal, Neptune Beach Elementary

Terry and Steve are warm, friendly and their passion for what they do is evident. I have made 3 personalized creations - one for myself and two as gifts. The responses from the recipients were so positive.

Kimberly Petts

Happy Sand Artist

Livin' the Dream Sand Creations makes a difference because it encourages students to be creative. They also got to get a night, with the parent nights, away from the computer and TV. They were able to bond with their families to make the sand creation.

Sarah Guetherman

Happy Sand Artist

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